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The F-Lab multidisciplinary team works in very close contact with innovation centers, universities, companies and experts, all sharing the same passion and enthusiasm towards excellence in their field.

”The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”
[Eleanor Roosevelt]

F-Lab is about serendipity, passion and curiosity

These are the core values which always drive us in our continuous search for new collaborations and partnerships.
If you have a technology or expertise that could be benefit being shared, contact us, we’ll be happy to listen to you.

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The potential of networking

F-Lab è una start up innovativa che ricomprende in sé le funzioni R&D, marketing, finanza dell’impresa classica, dove si collabora senza gerarchie sfruttando il potenziale delle reti e delle nuove tecnologie per accelerare il processo di innovazione.

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F-Lab is about serendipity, passion and curiosity